Loaned Executive Program

Sponsoring a Loaned Executive is an investment that strengthens lives, helps people and improves community conditions.


What is a Loaned Executive?

A Loaned Executive is a temporary employee, sponsored by generous local companies, who assists our staff during the busy fall campaign season. This program allows us to put more resources back into Middlesex County, and your sponsorship sends a powerful message about your organization’s deep commitment to the community!

Why Sponsor a Loaned Executive?

Our Community Wins

  • Increase awareness of local issues and ways to address them
  • Raise more dollars to create community change
  • Create jobs
  • Develop civic leaders

Your Company Wins

  • Enjoy visibility as your Loaned Executive networks across Middlesex County
  • Gain recognition as a leader in creating community change
  • Improve the community where your employees and customers live and work

Your Investment

  • $7,000 - full sponsorship
  • $3,500 - half sponsorship

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact our office with any questions at (860) 346-8695.


Loaned Executive Sponsors:

Middlesex Health